Jesus: "The story of Jesus in its entirety spans 2,020 years of human history that binds together all the world's righteousness, honor, courage, love, loyalty, confidence, determination, genius, humility, and a host of other attributes that have challenged men and women throughout the ages who have followed this leader who has liberated the world and set our path on the higher ground of the Kingdom of God. This story told throughout the pages of explains the history of man from God's perspective with revelation and interpretation that only Jesus can provide in ways that bring light and understanding to people of any religion or no religion with clarity for all who seek to know."

This website can be understood better when viewed as a body with a head who is Jesus and with a body who is the growing number of believers and those who are people who are not against us so are for us meaning they believe in much of what we believe while their larger belief system may not include believing that Jesus has been given headship authority by Jehovah and that Jehovah is even God or their God and this is why Jehovah who sees the heart and the inside of every person knows who these are and who these are not and no man can determine this. The above section is all about the headship of Jesus in the entire world and about his mission to eradicate evil from this planet and this race of human beings so that we are all free to grow in goodness and not evil.

Everlasting Father

"While he was still speaking, a bright cloud covered them,
and a voice from the cloud said, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!

Matthew 17:5

Jesus: "I have a voice and in
my own words for anyone who has
an ear to hear."

Jesus: "This website could not have been presented on the internet without the contributions of millions of people past and present from the Body of Christ and also those from the family of God."

Jehovah: "My bride America has overcome evil and if not for the efforts of brave men and women who are Patriots and the army of Jesus this country would have been overrun by the most evil things that life has ever known and their plans were well laid and executed with all patience and deliberation while causing chaos   ... read more here

Jehovah: "America is in crisis and I have asked a trusted human being to give me an honest assessment of the crisis and the remedy for the crisis and it has been submitted to me and can be viewed at Opinion For Divine Court."

Declaration of Jesus Christ

This is Jehovah's view of his part in the story of our human race and its unintended development and the resulting danger which mankind is currently dealing with and God is intervening to show mankind how to safely navigate the storms that are breaking upon our people and this view of God's salvation plan has been obscured by every false teaching and all the confusion that comes with that.

Jehovah Will Never Leave Us Nor Forsake Us

When Jehovah Carries His Carrier

The following is Jehovah's Song which is a contemporary secular song that very closely explains what God is all about.

"You have reached that moment of decision when you know that you must move forward one way or another and the way you have chosen is to go forward with Jesus into the next phase of your life which will be a supernatural and exquisitely beautiful experience of life that will flow forward forever and you will always love this life as you have known it as you will always love your life as it is becoming more truly who you really are and the twisted future that isn't right will now not be and just as I have told you I am bringing the real you to the light as you fulfill your destiny. You have found your cure within yourself.  You are now free Kathy."

Lord, I remember when you gave this song to me and I knew it was a very profound message for me but at the time I was having terrible problems in my family due to complications of a birth in the family and God told me to say certain things at that time that made matters worse and not better and he told me how sorry he was that he caused me such grief and sorry that ensued and is still unresolved to this day. You gave me this this song at that time and for over four years you have been untangling my twisted future and I have been trusting you to make things right that have gone terribly wrong. Through this time you showed me how genetics have become so tangled up that it is nearly impossible to repair anything that concerns the human race and yet you have done just that with me and I remember when we started untangling all kinds of tangled up messes concerning cellular diseases and emotional entanglements that further complicated the physical problem within the Dna itself. Slowly but surely you taught me all sorts of things regarding genetics and epigenetics which is the God layer of human genetics and then taught me how to pray to untangle so many things that would have remained that way forever or until our race died out completely. When you first gave me this song I remember being somewhat confused if the words were for me or if the words were for my family situation but it never occurred to me that the words were meant for all of humanity as we know it here on earth.

Unknown Molecules Are The Substance of Life

Jesus has told me that people generally see him one way or the other and that both sides are wrong and he has told me that people generally understand what God is doing one way or the other and again both sides are wrong. Jesus asked me to build him a website and to give him a voice because like so many people in this world he really has not had a voice. Everybody else has spoken for him and what is  ... read more here

When people speak under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit it is inspired by God but it is not inspired by Jesus. This link explains why this is true.

Jesus: "In the course of human history there has never been a time like this with so much promise and yet so few people who can see it and it is my intention that all people have the opportunity and the blessing of seeing how each and every person on earth can help bring about the world that others have only dreamed of and to not only bring it about but to bask in its goodness and thrive in its complete and
  ... read more here

Jesus: "I came to America with a small group of devoted believers who determined to carve out a life of freedom to worship Jehovah without interference or domination. It is their pure love and commitment to God, family and country that is the rock upon which I built my church. As their descendants have pioneered across the great land of America to the very edges of the western coast the legacy of these people is woven throughout every city, county and state as the salt of the earth as they have fought tyranny time and time again and held fast to the high ideals as imbued in them by Jesus and Jehovah who has reconciled the twelve tribes of ancient Israel."

The words as given me by Jehovah and by Jesus will always be preceded by their names and with quotes throughout this website.

Jehovah: "Most human beings who believe Jesus is my son seek answers and help from God but often do not have any clue as to the distinctions between us which are as subtle as they are vast and of course the reason for this is that once born Jesus left his spirit world to become a man in the flesh which I have never been nor will I ever be and yet I am as real and present with you just the same and I have throughout this website tried to help the reader know who they are listening to by using my name Jehovah. You have always called me Lord from the time you came   ... read more here

Blessed Plan of Salvation

Jehovah: "I would like to explain a few things that I think will connect some dots for you as situations have surfaced from hidden places but that all have a bearing on the condition of the world at large. The things that have been hidden are the fear and the guilt that too many people bear every day of their lives and I am bringing them to the surface so that you can help me remove these plagues from my people as I have forgiven everything already and all anyone has to do is accept that at face value and continue on in their lives with the blessed assurance that I have their well being at the center most part of mine. Of course I still say as Jesus did to the woman caught in adultery with a man who apparently was not judged by the crowd as guilty of the same crime "Go forth and sin no more." The woman appears to have suffered more than the man she was with but in reality she was set free that day as the men involved in this incident kept the offending man in bondage by their rigid beliefs and misunderstanding as to why I found adultery so repugnant to me. They could not look in the mirror of my divine law and see that it was their adultery to follow the ways of Lucifer rather than repent and ask forgiveness of me at a time when I sent my son Jesus into the world to offer just that and when they blindly ignored my son, they among others condemned him before his terrible day came upon him but through it all I never forsook him and I want to make this abundantly clear now and for the record that Jesus was not condemned by me because that is the last thing I would want for my most precious son or for any of my children but it was the condemnation of the religious spirit of satan who caused this terrible sin to be laid upon him. For his faithful love and devotion to me through the most terrible trial anyone could ever endure I have honored him with the authority over all the universe as King of kings and Lord of lords who is the door to salvation to all who will receive him. I am a loving and forgiving Father who wishes the best of the best I have to offer my children and condemnation is not on my list of all those good things."

If anyone should ever wonder how Jesus and I finally realized that we had reached a level of understanding to bring about his vision for the salvation of the world we will explain everything in these pages because it did not happen at any one moment in time nor did it ever stay static as time and circumstances continually changed the kaleidoscopic nature of our relationship. It has been most fascinating and rewarding and I cannot imagine not having Jesus in my life every moment of every day. And yet he is not exclusive to me as he interacts with millions and millions of people who share this experience every single day.

"I awoke you from a dream in which you had many things to organize and although the task seemed daunting you found a way to accomplish the categorizing which once you understood simplified every step of the process.

The meaning of this dream is that your conscious mind confronts such a vast amount of data connected to your mission that finding a trust in illogical constructs made everything possible. These illogical patterns emerged out of the need to understand every nuance of the Adam and Eve story which holds the key to everything that has followed."

Lord, my question to you now is there anything I can add to my understanding of the Adam and Eve story?

"There is one final fact that will provide a subtle detail as to the simplicity of trust. When I created Adam and Eve with free will to be their guide it was imperative that they understand that my way would always be better than their way and that to trust me in this one thing was the issue of life and death.

Trust is the laying down of your own conviction to open your mind to the thoughts and ideas of a higher authority and free will is the right to reject that higher authority's opinion and continue to hold to your own conviction. Your free will is the right to accept all or some of the higher authority's opinion and either integrate it in whole or in part into your own conviction. Free will is the right to reject the opinion of the higher authority in total after examining it.

True trust is when you take the opinion of the higher authority and accept it for further thought and integration. When Adam and Eve were faced individually and then as a couple with the opinion of Lucifer, they rejected God's opinion and chose to experiment with Lucifer's opinion. The rest is history.

Jehovah knew that if he lost Adam and Eve's trust that he would have to win it back and so his decision to change them to mortals was an incentive for them to reevaluate their convictions and discover their error, repent and reestablish their trust with Jehovah rather than with Lucifer. They had experienced the good life with Jehovah and until they experienced the evil life with Lucifer they could never have understood the need to trust Jehovah. When it was proven time and again that men and women would have a flawed understanding of Jehovah as a result of Lucifer's influence on their thinking, Jehovah determined to prove to mankind once and for all that to put your trust in him is well placed. This was the basis of the salvation plan that would become the lesson for humans on this planet in order for them to live free and protected from predators of any kind."

Thursday, January 14, 2016  12:24 PM

Exodus 20:6:  "But I will be very kind to people who love me and obey my commands. I will be kind to their families for thousands of generations."

When Adam and Eve fell, the earth was brand new, and they and all their descendants were subjected to a long and vigorous struggle to reach the truth on their own with the help of a messiah, without whom they would be forever helplessly stuck in an ever-degenerating world of evil and torment.  God laid out the story and angels revealed this to a chosen man, Enoch.  Enoch used his life to write over 30 books about these angelic revelations and to impart inventions of all kinds for the furtherance of good life for humanity.  The angels gave Enoch prophetic visions of what was to come with the flood that would wipe out humanity which had become hopelessly wicked, and it was Enoch's great-grandson Noah who with angelic help built the ark that would save his family of 8 people who were the only who believed God and so survived to replenish the earth.

So from the 3 wives and 3 sons of Noah and his wife Naamah have come the families of earth, the three races of people, and the story that is now reaching its climactic end as we close the circle with Enoch.  As Enoch was translated, so was Jesus, and in these latter days will all the Sons of God, believers in Jesus be translated also.  Some call this the rapture, but in reality it is the translating, or restoring of one person at a time.  We will not see a host of people floating up into the air as is so often depicted in christian visuals.  We will see Sons of God as they are revealed by the Father, and an accelerated process will occur as people can see what they are looking forward to, rather than some dim idea they have of God's plan for humanity.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and written that God shows his lovingkindness to a thousand generations of those who love him.  It is in this way, by showing us a picture, that he will then extend his lovingkindness to us so that not one will perish in the completion of his most merciful and blessed salvation.

It is with the spirit of my Ephraimite forebears, pioneers all, that I have arrived at this place to step into the picture that God has so carefully prepared for us now.  We now sit at the top of the tower, God's fortress of refuge, and patiently await our flight with eagles.

No one will be forced to live in the Kingdom of God, not now or ever, but no one who does not accept the righteousness of Christ will be able to enter either. Each human born must choose their ultimate destiny and the judgment is not from God but from him or herself. Regardless of the age of each human, by the time this choice must be made each one will have full knowledge and understanding of the choice they make.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017  8:45 PM

Today is the first day I have ever watched the Son of God movie that was made by Roma Downey and her husband in 2014 and I am having serious feelings about the need to read the scriptures again because what I am watching is not lining up with them. Portions of stories from Jesus' life are put together with other portions that happened at different times and in different circumstances. The portrayal of Jesus by Diogo Murtado is impressive in capturing Jesus' demeanor and personality as well as his good looks, but much of the meaning of the scriptures is lost in an interpretation that clearly loses sight of some very important information that leads to the salvation of humanity. In other words, if anyone chooses to use this movie as their understanding of Jesus' missions of both the first and second coming, then they will be hard pressed to learn what Jesus sacrificed for them to learn. It reminds me of all the sacrifice of American patriots over the last four hundred years and the interpretations today bear little resemblance to the hard won philosophical breakthroughs of our forefathers that took hundreds of years and more to develop for the betterment of mankind. I could go on for some time pointing out every discrepancy I see and this is watching a fast-paced movie for the first time. I shudder to think what I would find if I actually dissected this movie and critiqued it scene by scene in detail as to my understanding of the times, the events, and especially the person and character of Jesus himself.

To get a grip on the Jesus story at this late date is like being one of the foolish virgins who bought no oil and rushed out at the last minute to try to buy from the wise virgins who had bought plenty of oil over a period of time. This particular story of these virgins being ready at Jesus' return made a deep impression on me when I first read this in the scriptures. I have been buying my oil ever since by pressing into God at every opportunity. And even so, I know in my heart that I could have done so much more and so much better, but have been shown by God that though I took things more slowly in the early years of my life that I really stepped it up when God showed me it was time to do so.

The most beautiful part of God's plan is that no matter how late you receive Christ Jesus or how unprepared one might feel, the only requirement for entering the kingdom of God is to love God, believe in his Son's purpose and mission, and confess Jesus is the Son of God. Anything further to any degree from beginner steps to full blown disciple will benefit the believer the more as growth comes from hearing and doing the Word.

The bottom line is this. The Son of God movie has produced a fabulous Jesus, but in content is entertaining but confusing, as the script is full of holes and it is clear the final Jesus movie has not yet been made. Jesus' own website will be the definitive statement of his first and second coming as he has set the record straight in this ever-growing resource,, that explains so many areas of our lives, personal, national, international and eternal.

A final note: So much of our scholarly work over all the centuries has been abandoned by too many for our modern day microwave madness approach to understanding our world.  And despite all the error in the film, it should also be noted that it has generated an incredible amount of interest in Jesus and that is always a most wonderful thing.

Jesus: "One of the last things I wanted you to do before I change you today was to go into Facebook and put up a short bio on your Facebook page and our website name under the photo of me and the Captain and Plymouth Rock to San Pedro Rock. You spotted Restless Natives, Carl Johnson's group and you felt an urge to go there but that urge was not from me but from Jehovah. The last post on Carl's page was the memorial to Jimmy LaFave who passed away from cancer in May 2017. While you listened to his beautiful voice and music a sadness came over you and it is your deep compassion for people that allowed the feelings of sadness to rise up in you and while in this state you asked me if Jimmy was with me and I had to tell you no because he rejected me while on earth and I cannot go against his free will decision but when you make a request for me to approach people who have passed and invite them into heaven I am then released to do so because I am doing it for you in answer to your prayer. You extended your prayer to include everyone who has passed since the last time we did this last year and so I did and am happy to report that many, many people just entered heaven and we are having a real party here. The rejoicing is phenomenal and there are so many here who are very anxious to see you when you are changed and can travel with me back and forth from heaven to earth in our restored bodies.  The only reason you are here to experience this breakthrough to restoral is because when you were faced with cancer you turned to me and let me help you and Jimmy knows this now and asked me to share our story because when he was diagnosed with cancer he did not turn to me but let himself be overtaken by a disease that I call Broken Heart Disease because this particular disease kills more people than any other illness and now that he knows he can be resurrected to a new and restored body on earth at the first resurrection, he finally knows the joy of what Jesus has always been trying to tell everyone which is that there is no death except for those who choose it at the second resurrection and that he can come back to live with his loved ones and his son Jackson. This is a beautiful time and all our new arrivals in heaven are thankful that you thought of them this afternoon."

Hallelujah (Light Has Come) By Barlow Girl