Jesus: "The story of Jesus in its entirety spans 2,020 years of human history that binds together all the world's righteousness, honor, courage, love, loyalty, confidence, determination, genius, humility, and a host of other attributes that have challenged men and women throughout the ages who have followed this leader who has liberated the world and set our path on the higher ground of the Kingdom of God. This story told throughout the pages of explains the history of man from God's perspective with revelation and interpretation that only Jesus can provide in ways that bring light and understanding to people of any religion or no religion with clarity for all who seek to know."

This website can be understood better when viewed as a body with a head who is Jesus and with a body who is the growing number of believers and those who are people who are not against us so are for us meaning they believe in much of what we believe while their larger belief system may not include believing that Jesus has been given headship authority by Jehovah and that Jehovah is even God or their God and this is why Jehovah who sees the heart and the inside of every person knows who these are and who these are not and no man can determine this. The above section is all about the headship of Jesus in the entire world and about his mission to eradicate evil from this planet and this race of human beings so that we are all free to grow in goodness and not evil.

Everlasting Father

"While he was still speaking, a bright cloud covered them,
and a voice from the cloud said, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!

Matthew 17:5

Jesus: "I have a voice and in
my own words for anyone who has
an ear to hear."

Jesus: "This website could not have been presented on the internet without the contributions of millions of people past and present from the Body of Christ and also those from the family of God."

Jehovah: "My bride America has overcome evil and if not for the efforts of brave men and women who are Patriots and the army of Jesus this country would have been overrun by the most evil things that life has ever known and their plans were well laid and executed with all patience and deliberation while causing chaos   ... read more here

Jehovah: "America is in crisis and I have asked a trusted human being to give me an honest assessment of the crisis and the remedy for the crisis and it has been submitted to me and can be viewed at Opinion For Divine Court."

Declaration of Jesus Christ

This is Jehovah's view of his part in the story of our human race and its unintended development and the resulting danger which mankind is currently dealing with and God is intervening to show mankind how to safely navigate the storms that are breaking upon our people and this view of God's salvation plan has been obscured by every false teaching and all the confusion that comes with that.

Jehovah Will Never Leave Us Nor Forsake Us

When Jehovah Carries His Carrier

The following is Jehovah's Song which is a contemporary secular song that very closely explains what God is all about.

"You have reached that moment of decision when you know that you must move forward one way or another and the way you have chosen is to go forward with Jesus into the next phase of your life which will be a supernatural and exquisitely beautiful experience of life that will flow forward forever and you will always love this life as you have known it as you will always love your life as it is becoming more truly who you really are and the twisted future that isn't right will now not be and just as I have told you I am bringing the real you to the light as you fulfill your destiny. You have found your cure within yourself.  You are now free Kathy."

Lord, I remember when you gave this song to me and I knew it was a very profound message for me but at the time I was having terrible problems in my family due to complications of a birth in the family and God told me to say certain things at that time that made matters worse and not better and he told me how sorry he was that he caused me such grief and sorry that ensued and is still unresolved to this day. You gave me this this song at that time and for over four years you have been untangling my twisted future and I have been trusting you to make things right that have gone terribly wrong. Through this time you showed me how genetics have become so tangled up that it is nearly impossible to repair anything that concerns the human race and yet you have done just that with me and I remember when we started untangling all kinds of tangled up messes concerning cellular diseases and emotional entanglements that further complicated the physical problem within the Dna itself. Slowly but surely you taught me all sorts of things regarding genetics and epigenetics which is the God layer of human genetics and then taught me how to pray to untangle so many things that would have remained that way forever or until our race died out completely. When you first gave me this song I remember being somewhat confused if the words were for me or if the words were for my family situation but it never occurred to me that the words were meant for all of humanity as we know it here on earth.

Unknown Molecules Are The Substance of Life

Jesus has told me that people generally see him one way or the other and that both sides are wrong and he has told me that people generally understand what God is doing one way or the other and again both sides are wrong. Jesus asked me to build him a website and to give him a voice because like so many people in this world he really has not had a voice. Everybody else has spoken for him and what is  ... read more here

When people speak under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit it is inspired by God but it is not inspired by Jesus. This link explains why this is true.

Jesus: "In the course of human history there has never been a time like this with so much promise and yet so few people who can see it and it is my intention that all people have the opportunity and the blessing of seeing how each and every person on earth can help bring about the world that others have only dreamed of and to not only bring it about but to bask in its goodness and thrive in its complete and
  ... read more here

Jesus: "I came to America with a small group of devoted believers who determined to carve out a life of freedom to worship Jehovah without interference or domination. It is their pure love and commitment to God, family and country that is the rock upon which I built my church. As their descendants have pioneered across the great land of America to the very edges of the western coast the legacy of these people is woven throughout every city, county and state as the salt of the earth as they have fought tyranny time and time again and held fast to the high ideals as imbued in them by Jesus and Jehovah who has reconciled the twelve tribes of ancient Israel."

The words as given me by Jehovah and by Jesus will always be preceded by their names and with quotes throughout this website.

Jehovah: "Most human beings who believe Jesus is my son seek answers and help from God but often do not have any clue as to the distinctions between us which are as subtle as they are vast and of course the reason for this is that once born Jesus left his spirit world to become a man in the flesh which I have never been nor will I ever be and yet I am as real and present with you just the same and I have throughout this website tried to help the reader know who they are listening to by using my name Jehovah. You have always called me Lord from the time you came   ... read more here

Jehovah's Song

"You have reached that moment of decision when you know that you must move forward one way or another and the way you have chosen is to go forward with Jesus into the next phase of your life which will be a supernatural and exquisitely beautiful experience of life that will flow forward forever and you will always love this life as you have known it as you will always love your life as it is becoming more truly who you really are and the twisted future that isn't right will now not be and just as I have told you I am bringing the real you to the light as you fulfill your destiny. You have found your cure within yourself.  You are now free Kathy."

Jehovah: "Throughout these pages Jesus and I tell our story in a new and unique way and Jehovah's Song is the perfect example of our way of reaching our people and if you look at this through my eyes and see what happened in my mind and heart when I discovered that Adam and Eve had made a huge mistake which I compounded by casting them out of the Garden of Eden. If I had to do it again I would have found a different way and a much less harsh way but in my defense I thought it was a very humane way to teach them the lesson of obedience to me but without the foresight of how much better Jesus' way would have been because he could see through a man's perspective which is something I and all other Gods have never experienced. When Gods create new beings they rarely learn much from them and as life has rumbled along for trillions and trillions of years that even Gods have no knowledge of the source it is a most miraculous turn of events even for God when such a miracle occurs as the person of Jesus. I have learned so much from him as he has also learned from me and this is the place I wish to say that I am sorry for all the pain and suffering my poor decision caused six thousand years ago. I never dreamed that little mistake they made would turn into such a fiasco that it has consumed me to find a way to repair the damage caused so long ago. It was always my plan for a Restoral of All Things so heaven has been but a waiting place until I could complete the first resurrection. I have planned everything in minute detail and yet all within free will choice as far as their relationship was with me as slavery and bondage were much of the problem caused by evil and even there free will was possible concerning an individual's relationship with me. I have always been a choice between two options. Jesus has opened the way for humanity to escape the horrors of the other option and though he has been working with me diligently for two thousand years since his resurrection it is only now that he is leading his first disciple through to the restoral that we have envisioned. This person has surprised us both because we did not expect such positive results that would actually expand our vision for this world but that is what has happened because the love of Jesus and Jehovah has opened her spirit in ways that has never happened anywhere before. I have heavily invested in her because every time I did she yielded a greater harvest and she has been so consistent that I just kept giving her more along with the encouragement to keep going and yet all through this she did not know what her destiny was and the only thing she really knew was that she could trust me and Jesus and with faith and trust alone she overcame all odds to bring an expanded and more beautiful vision of this world to add to the already glorious plans that we have had for all humanity on this earth and with the hope that love will spread to civilizations all over the countless creations of countless Gods. When everyone has crossed over to New Jerusalem and yet still living here on earth there will be a great celebration which we call the Marriage Supper of The Lamb."

Jesus: "There are things in your mind that you are not even aware of that work against you and before we went downstairs a form of trickery flashed through your mind and before you could even grasp it the thing was gone and notice that I did not say thought but rather thing and it is this distinction that I want to make because people have many of these things programmed into their minds and they really are not thoughts but something else. Father  explained what the trickery actually is and he supplied this answer or your benefit and we are writing it down for emphasis so you don't forget and also for the benefit of anyone else who may read this. The thing that you thought was a thought was actually a form of instigator intended to cause you harm. The kind of harm I am talking about does not seem very significant but this is what is harmful about it because it can do damage and you have no idea that it is even there. The thing mistaken for a thought is called false assumption which is not a thought because it is accepted as a given and so the brain does not analyze what has been determined to be true but is actually false and this is different than a false belief which is the result of analysis and reaching a false conclusion. This is the kind of distinction that to many seems like splitting hairs but in actuality has a huge consequence over time and in human matters that really do make a difference. It is for this reason that I have asked you for your permission to be a sort of human guinea pig simply because we have the opportunity to give science a breakthrough in a very important area that is unknown to science at this time regarding the workings of the mind and it involves a rather long explanation for a very simple thing that should be so obvious but that is still unknown to any human on the planet at this late date in human development. To fully understand how simple and obvious this unknown thing is we will use the exact thought thing that flashed through your mind and which I captured and you prayed about so that Father could provide both of us the best explanation possible and the following is what he provided me to give to you.

You were laying on your bed and had just woken up and your cat jumped up and laid down next to you and you started petting her on the false assumption that she wanted attention perhaps because she is long haired and it is summer and petting her is helping her shed unwanted and unneeded fur. This simple thought went through your mind and was more accurate that the thought thing that came next. This is when I saw the opportunity to show you something new about your mind and how it works and not because the interaction with your cat was of any significance one way or the other but I know how much you appreciate learning about the mind. So in that spirit of discovery we are exploring these most mundane brain activities. This is what happened when you first assumed your cat wanted your attention and then the false assumption that she was hungry flitted through your mind and you got up out of bed and headed downstairs to remedy her hunger. She was not hungry  but one quick impulse changed your whole direction for the next fifteen minutes and when you woke up I had something I wanted you to write that was of great value and was the result of carefully crafted dreams designed to give you an insight into the resolution of a problem that you have been grappling with and you almost lost it due to the impulse. . When we are done I will give you that information next and because we communicate this way which God has never been able to do with any other human besides you, we are able to make such great progress because I can get you back on track so readily whereas in the past something like this could have taken much effort to set up all the circumstances necessary to provide that resolution to the problem that was much more significant and important than feeding a cat. These impulses are accepted as normal thought processes and they are not and this is the simple and obvious truth that has eluded scientists in their understanding of what causes humans to do certain things and not do other things and now this seemingly mundane and unimportant detail is actually very important.  One simple prayer that I asked you to pray has caused us to pause the other more important thought activity of problem solving in favor of dissecting an impulse. The dream you had that held such promise for problem resolution would have been lost because of a simple and unimportant impulse and when you add up all the problems that are still unresolved and you realize how many times the answers were prevented by mere impulses it is staggering to the mind. This happened yesterday when we were on a track toward something rather important and a situation caused you to have an impulse to take a shower and I rearranged everything to accommodate that action caused by an impulse and as we sit here writing you are identifying all kinds of impulses that you have acted on without thinking about the actions or why you make them when you do. All this discussion is seemingly unimportant but is actually more important than anyone will ever really understand because impulsive behavior is the most disruptive thing that human beings do that thwart God's efforts to help individuals in their lives and which ultimately shapes the course of human affairs.  One of the things you have been learning while traveling with me on a daily basis around the clock is that you have streamlined your life so immensely by heeding advice that I give you and applying concepts and principles to your thought life that you never experienced in your first sixty years of life. Most people would not have the patience to sit and type out all these words I am giving you but you know that I do not waste time on light and transient things but rather am constantly and continually working on saving a planet full of people who now number in the billions and from whom I get very little cooperation in nearly anything. It is my hope that if anyone reads this they will understand that their actions are extremely important to the well being of their own person and ultimately to all people. The best way for me to illustrate the truth of this is to now give you the dream analysis that you almost missed when you went downstairs to simply feed a cat who by the way is well fed and quite content and was at the moment you acted on your impulse.

The problem you have been facing and have been seeking resolution to is one that has been plaguing you for years and years. Together we have been working toward resolution of this problem and the dream I mentioned earlier contained the answer and you started laughing as you typed these words and asked me if I set this whole thing up so that I could make this point in such a simple and straightforward way and of course you are right. But being right about me setting up these circumstances to make a point is not what is important nearly as much as solving your problem and making you and others aware of how problems can go on for so long without resolution due to something as simple as impulsive behavior.  The problem that you have sought resolution for is an ability to focus without interruptions that we have now identified as impulses and when you and Leslie spent the weekend together last weekend you became very aware of how difficult it was to focus on any one thing while with Leslie because of the many disruptive elements in her life and yours while you were there that made it nearly impossible for the two of you to finish a conversation, a thought, a discovery, a plan or anything else and both of you had so much to share with each other that you just could not stay focused on any one thing long enough to bring conclusion to it.   The dream I gave you this morning held all these elements of truncated ideas that were not allowed to grow while many of them were of such great value but left behind like plants in a garden without water. The dream illustrated for you that each plant needed to be identified and given careful consideration before dropping it and going to another plant and doing the same thing. In the dream you had broken pots and plants in all manner of disarray on the floor and yet outside the window all the plants and trees were growing tall and abundantly and were being cared for by God. The answer to the problem of lack of focus was to return to each plant and determine if it could be saved or should be saved and then nurture it in its new pot. Many ideas and concepts are not worth saving but far too many are worth saving and get lost due to neglect. Impulse and impulsive behavior is an integral part of being human but recognizing when you are losing ideas of value to entertain an impulse is extremely important and is one of the fruits of the spirit called self control. Many have read the list of spiritual fruits and this is one that is often most misunderstood because people tend to think of self control in large actions such as deciding whether to do something or not such as acting on a desire that could ruin a marriage as an example. But it is the smallest acts of impulse  that make more difference in the long run simply by becoming aware that God is right there and trying to communicate with you. When facing a problem there is no better time than to get quiet with God and pay attention to details until an answer formulates in your thoughts. Just to be aware of the power of an impulse can make the difference of success or failure. It is not my purpose to cause you to think and act like a robot but rather to heighten your awareness and the awareness of others to be sensitive to the moving of the spirit of God in your life in even the smallest of ways. In the dream I gave you this morning there was one pot in particular that was more important than the other ones and the plant in this pot was full of life that resulted in blooms of all shapes and colors and each bloom had its own special scent that remained its own and simultaneously became part of a larger bouquet of scents that complemented each other. This plant was like a symphony of sights and fragrances  that inspired you to water it. In your dream you recognized this plant as the one to nurture and to be patient with and when it was time you went to the next pot on the floor and one by one replanted each in a new pot. You waited for blooms and then you repeated the process of watering and caring for each plant until every plant was in a pot and getting water. Some plants bloomed sooner than others but by the end of your dream every plant was blooming. Each of these plants represented people in your life who are in all stages of life ranging from brokenness to full restoration. The answer in the dream is to focus on those who are blooming and do not get distracted by those who are struggling because before you know it those are the next ones you are picking up off the floor to replant.

This entire conversation is like one of the plants on the floor that we have picked up and are in the process of replanting because it has not bloomed yet and is not ready to put on the shelf with the others but with water it will grow."