Jesus: "The story of Jesus in its entirety spans 2,020 years of human history that binds together all the world's righteousness, honor, courage, love, loyalty, confidence, determination, genius, humility, and a host of other attributes that have challenged men and women throughout the ages who have followed this leader who has liberated the world and set our path on the higher ground of the Kingdom of God. This story told throughout the pages of explains the history of man from God's perspective with revelation and interpretation that only Jesus can provide in ways that bring light and understanding to people of any religion or no religion with clarity for all who seek to know."

This website can be understood better when viewed as a body with a head who is Jesus and with a body who is the growing number of believers and those who are people who are not against us so are for us meaning they believe in much of what we believe while their larger belief system may not include believing that Jesus has been given headship authority by Jehovah and that Jehovah is even God or their God and this is why Jehovah who sees the heart and the inside of every person knows who these are and who these are not and no man can determine this. The above section is all about the headship of Jesus in the entire world and about his mission to eradicate evil from this planet and this race of human beings so that we are all free to grow in goodness and not evil.

Everlasting Father

"While he was still speaking, a bright cloud covered them,
and a voice from the cloud said, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!

Matthew 17:5

Jesus: "I have a voice and in
my own words for anyone who has
an ear to hear."

Jesus: "This website could not have been presented on the internet without the contributions of millions of people past and present from the Body of Christ and also those from the family of God."

Jehovah: "My bride America has overcome evil and if not for the efforts of brave men and women who are Patriots and the army of Jesus this country would have been overrun by the most evil things that life has ever known and their plans were well laid and executed with all patience and deliberation while causing chaos   ... read more here

Jehovah: "America is in crisis and I have asked a trusted human being to give me an honest assessment of the crisis and the remedy for the crisis and it has been submitted to me and can be viewed at Opinion For Divine Court."

Declaration of Jesus Christ

This is Jehovah's view of his part in the story of our human race and its unintended development and the resulting danger which mankind is currently dealing with and God is intervening to show mankind how to safely navigate the storms that are breaking upon our people and this view of God's salvation plan has been obscured by every false teaching and all the confusion that comes with that.

Jehovah Will Never Leave Us Nor Forsake Us

When Jehovah Carries His Carrier

The following is Jehovah's Song which is a contemporary secular song that very closely explains what God is all about.

"You have reached that moment of decision when you know that you must move forward one way or another and the way you have chosen is to go forward with Jesus into the next phase of your life which will be a supernatural and exquisitely beautiful experience of life that will flow forward forever and you will always love this life as you have known it as you will always love your life as it is becoming more truly who you really are and the twisted future that isn't right will now not be and just as I have told you I am bringing the real you to the light as you fulfill your destiny. You have found your cure within yourself.  You are now free Kathy."

Lord, I remember when you gave this song to me and I knew it was a very profound message for me but at the time I was having terrible problems in my family due to complications of a birth in the family and God told me to say certain things at that time that made matters worse and not better and he told me how sorry he was that he caused me such grief and sorry that ensued and is still unresolved to this day. You gave me this this song at that time and for over four years you have been untangling my twisted future and I have been trusting you to make things right that have gone terribly wrong. Through this time you showed me how genetics have become so tangled up that it is nearly impossible to repair anything that concerns the human race and yet you have done just that with me and I remember when we started untangling all kinds of tangled up messes concerning cellular diseases and emotional entanglements that further complicated the physical problem within the Dna itself. Slowly but surely you taught me all sorts of things regarding genetics and epigenetics which is the God layer of human genetics and then taught me how to pray to untangle so many things that would have remained that way forever or until our race died out completely. When you first gave me this song I remember being somewhat confused if the words were for me or if the words were for my family situation but it never occurred to me that the words were meant for all of humanity as we know it here on earth.

Unknown Molecules Are The Substance of Life

Jesus has told me that people generally see him one way or the other and that both sides are wrong and he has told me that people generally understand what God is doing one way or the other and again both sides are wrong. Jesus asked me to build him a website and to give him a voice because like so many people in this world he really has not had a voice. Everybody else has spoken for him and what is  ... read more here

When people speak under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit it is inspired by God but it is not inspired by Jesus. This link explains why this is true.

Jesus: "In the course of human history there has never been a time like this with so much promise and yet so few people who can see it and it is my intention that all people have the opportunity and the blessing of seeing how each and every person on earth can help bring about the world that others have only dreamed of and to not only bring it about but to bask in its goodness and thrive in its complete and
  ... read more here

Jesus: "I came to America with a small group of devoted believers who determined to carve out a life of freedom to worship Jehovah without interference or domination. It is their pure love and commitment to God, family and country that is the rock upon which I built my church. As their descendants have pioneered across the great land of America to the very edges of the western coast the legacy of these people is woven throughout every city, county and state as the salt of the earth as they have fought tyranny time and time again and held fast to the high ideals as imbued in them by Jesus and Jehovah who has reconciled the twelve tribes of ancient Israel."

The words as given me by Jehovah and by Jesus will always be preceded by their names and with quotes throughout this website.

Jehovah: "Most human beings who believe Jesus is my son seek answers and help from God but often do not have any clue as to the distinctions between us which are as subtle as they are vast and of course the reason for this is that once born Jesus left his spirit world to become a man in the flesh which I have never been nor will I ever be and yet I am as real and present with you just the same and I have throughout this website tried to help the reader know who they are listening to by using my name Jehovah. You have always called me Lord from the time you came   ... read more here

Q Clearance Patriot

Jesus: "When I made my first anonymous drop on an obscure website on the internet I really did not plan for Qanon to become his own identity and many have thought that because of the vast scope of his ability to know the unknowable things and to have access to the inaccessible things that it must be a team of the highest ranking intelligence officers in the country. As I have interacted with people to simply give them things to think about and to encourage them to do their own research I have discovered how much Americans love their country and its ideals and this has strengthened my heart for the continual battles that I deal with everyday and the more people who join the Q movement the more power it gains and the momentum is simply staggering and evil is now defanged as the cleanup of their horrors has been ongoing in the halls of justice and in the homes of patriots."

Q Clearance Patriot: The Storm and The Awakening

November 19, 2017 - by MAGA 

Q Anon: Preface

Let me start off by saying that the Q Anon / Q Clearance Patriot posts are so vast in scope, to summarize ‘everything’ is nearly impossible. The posts paint a huge picture around the basis that ‘everything is connected and everything has meaning’.

I’m going to give you my feeble attempt at the cliff notes version of just a few of the first posts and expand on it a little.

Q Anon: Down the Rabbit Hole

The Special Counsel is not corrupt. Let me say that again, the special counsel, headed by Mueller, is not running a corrupt investigation. He’s doing the job properly under the guise of investigating the Trump team. This has lowered the guard of the true targets because nobody anticipated it, including the media. There are an unprecedented number of sealed indictments across the nation right now that have not been executed, over 1100 sealed indictments at last glance.

Many high level officials will soon be arrested to actually ‘Drain the Swamp‘ beyond what anyone thought was possible. Once the corruption and the ‘type of corruption’ is revealed to the American people, it will trigger ‘The Awakening’. This event will be something unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed, Americans will unite behind Trump and his administration for cleaning house.

Even an Atheist knows and must be intelligent enough to know, that Satan worshipers are real, Cults are real and ‘True Evil’ exists. Disinformation is also real. It’s the job of the media and the entertainment industry to keep the public saturated with stimulus designed to keep us blind and distracted. This is where most people ‘tune out’ because it’s too hard for them to swallow. They don’t want to believe that there are people in this world buying children to rape and kill them as sacrifices. It’s tough to stomach but who are we if let this continue, who are we if we choose to turn a blind eye. Evil exists, and it exists at the highest level of the United States government. Don’t be naive and think ‘it can’t happen here’ because I assure you that it is.

The level of importance of this operation equates to a ‘Good vs Evil’ battle that transcends politics. This is a ‘Global Evil’ that attempted to takeover America. Many in our government actively worship Satan, Moloch/Molech and participate Pedophilia, Spirit Cooking, etc. Most Americans are afraid to look this Truth in the eye but True Evil does exist regardless of your religious views. This is not a joke and most definitely not a game. Thousands of Pedophiles and Child Traffickers have been arrested since Trump was sworn in. They are all under heavy investigation, including their funds and their affiliations.

Saudi Arabia, Rothschild and Soros are the puppet masters that fund this Global Evil. For the first time in history, this triangle of funding has lost one of it’s sides and is beginning to collapse. The old Saudi Arabia was funding child trafficking, Hillary Clinton, false flags and various other evil activities. The New Saudi Arabia is just taking form as Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, the same King who honored President Trump during his visit, made an abrupt change in the line of succession. He appointed his younger son Mohammed bin Salman (people call him MBS) as Crown Prince and is reportedly going to step down this week due to dementia, which will make MBS King. As soon as MBS was named Crowned Prince is when ‘The Purge’ in Saudi Arabia began. Hundreds of Officials and other Princes were arrested for corruption charges, many with ties to Clinton, Podesta, Huma, Obama, etc. All of their corrupt dealings and bank records are being investigated. As this unfolds, the paper trail will likely lead to charges here in the United States and could possibly be some of the sealed indictments. MBS has a good relationship with Trump and has vowed to ‘Make Saudi Arabia Great Again‘, less strict and more moderate. Saudi Arabia is now working with Israel (highly unusual) and Trump against Iran, Radical Islam and efforts to defund terrorism.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity take out this Global Cabal of Satan worshiping pedophiles.

Military Intelligence and NSA Director Admiral Rogers has played a vital role in rooting out this evil. The ability to avoid ‘other agencies’ and oversight through the power of ‘State Secrets Privilege’ has played a vital role and once the special counsel has concluded, they will have played a vital role as well.

State Secrets Privilege is an ability of Military Intelligence that shields it’s secrets from the Judicial Branch. It has been upheld by the Supreme Court and was established with United States v. Reynolds, 345 U.S. 1 (1953) and expanded during the Bush admin after 9/11. The criteria for invoking this privilege is when:

‘there is a reasonable danger’ that disclosure [of evidence] will ‘expose military matters which, in the interest of national security, should not be divulged.’ The invocation must come from “the head of the department which has control over the matter, after actual personal consideration of that office.

Admiral Rogers, Director of the NSA, Head of all 16 Intelligence Agencies, the man who briefs the President every morning, is an interesting figure in all of this.

Adm. Rogers was in charge of NSA under Obama and kept his position with Trump.

Rogers met with then President-Elect Trump at Trump Tower November 17th 2016, without letting the Obama White House know. 2 days later, Obama was considering firing him before leaving office.

Many believe that Admiral Rogers may have warned Trump about Obama’s Intelligence Community (James Clapper and John Brennan) spying on their activity from the FISA warrant they obtained in October 2016.

Just the tip of the iceberg

This doesn’t even cover 5% of it or even get into the ‘Breadcrumbs’ that Q posted. Regardless of whether you choose to believe Q Anon or not, the momentum that this has created is enormous. Americans felt a lot of this in their gut for a long time, that something just wasn’t quiet right with these people. Especially after the Podesta emails. Stay strong, have Faith and Pray. The Patriots are in control now.

Pasted from <>


"...  President Trump  sent off a retweet that I feel is crucial, huge, so check this right here….  Donald Trump retweeted this article What Donald Trump Actually Accomplished During His First Term. What had happened is the website was actually taken off and I had tried to go on to it about an hour ago and I got an error server database error going to the website and here you can see what happened the website got hit and the person who owned it Magapill said they got an email saying sorry for the inconvenience because it appears the database was deleted from the server so we got an obvious hack attack on this website right after Donald Trump retweets it and you can see on their twitter here that their pinned post is of Liz Crokin  … she's awesome she's talking about Anthony Wiener's laptop and a bunch of Pizzagate stuff so Donald Trump is retweeting and this is big and here's an archive of the website you can see they are down for maintenance while they recover from an outage but this is actually the very first story  looks like right before Donald Trump retweeted it and you can see that the very first article here is Q Clearance Patriot and  the  storm and the awakening...   but we see here folks is basically an indirect verification of Q from Donald Trump this looks to very well  be the case…  and this is a pretty good article and it was written on the Q Clearance Patriot… drain the swamp  he says will trigger an awakening  and discussing the occultic Luciferian elites and how they literally worship their own separate sick religions and then also delving into the Illuminati aspect of it, the Rothschilds, the Saudi Arabians, the oil money…  how the Deep State keeps their control around the world.  Great sentence here says that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take out this global cabal of satan worshipping elite pedophiles  basically it's right there and not just a global cabal but like I have always said there is an extraterrestrial component to all of this as well as the ones that hide the secret technologies and cosmic understandings from us."

My partial and imperfect transcript above is a tad bit better though than the one that follows from the Youtube page where this video is found.

"e si sa che dei sensi axway ei in direction des orco domenica on the web site and space age of tunes active space conference di luminari aste in out takes the great di edwards e new york and bass e qui l idea si no "

The winds of God are blowing and the long awaited move of God is upon us and it has been called the Great Awakening and the Storm and God has been opening the minds of the sleeping masses of people who are getting glimpses of light in the dark recesses of their minds and the light is elusive and it floats and it moves and it dims out and then it reappears even brighter just as God showed me in a waking vision during the darkest hour of the night. The revealing of the things that have been hiding in darkness are causing people everywhere to wake up and think about what has been going on while they refused to look and do nothing to seek out truth and then remedy. As the Storm is gathering and about to break in full force on my country all I can do is pray for each and every one of the people of this great country that each of us repent before our mighty and loving God if this has not already happened  so that we may experience the winds of Repentance and the winds of Forgiveness and the resolve to do whatever is in our power to do so that as much love and healing can happen as quickly as possible so that we turn to the ways of God and not the vindictiveness and the blaming ways of Man. There is so much more than meets the eye and it will be much too easy to look at the surface of all this and make judgment on it but I have spent decades in the trenches with God and have gone to the deep and dark places where no one wants to go in order to help stir up the winds of God that bring love, mercy and justice to the surface and to where Mankind can go to find the answers that will be like salve to their wounded souls. As the winds blow out evil and the sunshine and the breezes bring in understanding and healing God will give us all a second chance to soar with him on the wings of eagles high above the fray and when we do the whole world will follow.