Jesus: "The story of Jesus in its entirety spans 2,020 years of human history that binds together all the world's righteousness, honor, courage, love, loyalty, confidence, determination, genius, humility, and a host of other attributes that have challenged men and women throughout the ages who have followed this leader who has liberated the world and set our path on the higher ground of the Kingdom of God. This story told throughout the pages of explains the history of man from God's perspective with revelation and interpretation that only Jesus can provide in ways that bring light and understanding to people of any religion or no religion with clarity for all who seek to know."

This website can be understood better when viewed as a body with a head who is Jesus and with a body who is the growing number of believers and those who are people who are not against us so are for us meaning they believe in much of what we believe while their larger belief system may not include believing that Jesus has been given headship authority by Jehovah and that Jehovah is even God or their God and this is why Jehovah who sees the heart and the inside of every person knows who these are and who these are not and no man can determine this. The above section is all about the headship of Jesus in the entire world and about his mission to eradicate evil from this planet and this race of human beings so that we are all free to grow in goodness and not evil.

Everlasting Father

"While he was still speaking, a bright cloud covered them,
and a voice from the cloud said, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!

Matthew 17:5

Jesus: "I have a voice and in
my own words for anyone who has
an ear to hear."

Jesus: "This website could not have been presented on the internet without the contributions of millions of people past and present from the Body of Christ and also those from the family of God."

Jehovah: "My bride America has overcome evil and if not for the efforts of brave men and women who are Patriots and the army of Jesus this country would have been overrun by the most evil things that life has ever known and their plans were well laid and executed with all patience and deliberation while causing chaos   ... read more here

Jehovah: "America is in crisis and I have asked a trusted human being to give me an honest assessment of the crisis and the remedy for the crisis and it has been submitted to me and can be viewed at Opinion For Divine Court."

Declaration of Jesus Christ

This is Jehovah's view of his part in the story of our human race and its unintended development and the resulting danger which mankind is currently dealing with and God is intervening to show mankind how to safely navigate the storms that are breaking upon our people and this view of God's salvation plan has been obscured by every false teaching and all the confusion that comes with that.

Jehovah Will Never Leave Us Nor Forsake Us

When Jehovah Carries His Carrier

The following is Jehovah's Song which is a contemporary secular song that very closely explains what God is all about.

"You have reached that moment of decision when you know that you must move forward one way or another and the way you have chosen is to go forward with Jesus into the next phase of your life which will be a supernatural and exquisitely beautiful experience of life that will flow forward forever and you will always love this life as you have known it as you will always love your life as it is becoming more truly who you really are and the twisted future that isn't right will now not be and just as I have told you I am bringing the real you to the light as you fulfill your destiny. You have found your cure within yourself.  You are now free Kathy."

Lord, I remember when you gave this song to me and I knew it was a very profound message for me but at the time I was having terrible problems in my family due to complications of a birth in the family and God told me to say certain things at that time that made matters worse and not better and he told me how sorry he was that he caused me such grief and sorry that ensued and is still unresolved to this day. You gave me this this song at that time and for over four years you have been untangling my twisted future and I have been trusting you to make things right that have gone terribly wrong. Through this time you showed me how genetics have become so tangled up that it is nearly impossible to repair anything that concerns the human race and yet you have done just that with me and I remember when we started untangling all kinds of tangled up messes concerning cellular diseases and emotional entanglements that further complicated the physical problem within the Dna itself. Slowly but surely you taught me all sorts of things regarding genetics and epigenetics which is the God layer of human genetics and then taught me how to pray to untangle so many things that would have remained that way forever or until our race died out completely. When you first gave me this song I remember being somewhat confused if the words were for me or if the words were for my family situation but it never occurred to me that the words were meant for all of humanity as we know it here on earth.

Unknown Molecules Are The Substance of Life

Jesus has told me that people generally see him one way or the other and that both sides are wrong and he has told me that people generally understand what God is doing one way or the other and again both sides are wrong. Jesus asked me to build him a website and to give him a voice because like so many people in this world he really has not had a voice. Everybody else has spoken for him and what is  ... read more here

When people speak under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit it is inspired by God but it is not inspired by Jesus. This link explains why this is true.

Jesus: "In the course of human history there has never been a time like this with so much promise and yet so few people who can see it and it is my intention that all people have the opportunity and the blessing of seeing how each and every person on earth can help bring about the world that others have only dreamed of and to not only bring it about but to bask in its goodness and thrive in its complete and
  ... read more here

Jesus: "I came to America with a small group of devoted believers who determined to carve out a life of freedom to worship Jehovah without interference or domination. It is their pure love and commitment to God, family and country that is the rock upon which I built my church. As their descendants have pioneered across the great land of America to the very edges of the western coast the legacy of these people is woven throughout every city, county and state as the salt of the earth as they have fought tyranny time and time again and held fast to the high ideals as imbued in them by Jesus and Jehovah who has reconciled the twelve tribes of ancient Israel."

The words as given me by Jehovah and by Jesus will always be preceded by their names and with quotes throughout this website.

Jehovah: "Most human beings who believe Jesus is my son seek answers and help from God but often do not have any clue as to the distinctions between us which are as subtle as they are vast and of course the reason for this is that once born Jesus left his spirit world to become a man in the flesh which I have never been nor will I ever be and yet I am as real and present with you just the same and I have throughout this website tried to help the reader know who they are listening to by using my name Jehovah. You have always called me Lord from the time you came   ... read more here

Powerful Testimony of Religious Persecution In America By The U.S. Government

The experience of this trip in the summer of 1998 was more than a milestone in my life and though I did not fully understand what God was doing at the time, it was heading home on the last stretch of our long journey that I realized that whatever it was that God wanted me to do with the details of his work throughout the entire incredible experience that it would be huge, wonderful and somehow transforming. I came home and quickly resumed my routines of homeschooling six children, four of mine and a niece and nephew. I also set about researching on the internet looking for clues in the places we had visited and setting all my papers in order. I found the book TheTravail Of The Flag and ordered a copy of it and started typing up old writings that had been accumulating in my box that I still possess. I did not prepare the manuscript though until only hours after the attack of 9/11 when the reason for the trip became apparent to me. The link is to my first rough draft of that 45-page manuscript. We drove through cities like Waco, Texas and Alma, Arkansas so the following are excerpts pertaining to the government abuses toward American citizens in the guise of religious cults that the government deemed to be dangerous to public safety and what I later learned was that God intended that I discover for myself the truth of what happened to innocent people which has been in my opinion part of our American national nightmare.

Tony Alamo’s accusers, the Cult Awareness Network (CAN), were also advisers to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the FBI in the ill-fated Waco disaster. Eventually, “more and more evidence disputed CAN's denials of human rights violations; culminating in a 1995 decision where that same CAN was fined $1,875,000 for participating in a crime described by an American jury as “beyond all possible bounds of decency and to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civil community.” A crime wherein a Pentecostal Christian man was kidnapped off his front porch, hands cuffed behind his back, mouth duck-taped, body thrown into the back of a van, driven to a remote location then held isolated for five days in an unsuccessful attempt to change his interpretation of the Bible. CAN never got the point, never took responsibility for its actions, and never paid its victim a penny in recompense; declaring instead voluntary bankruptcy then using up all its members' donations in attorney fees battling unsuccessfully all the way to the Supreme Court to overturn the judgment.“

In a very interesting twist, CAN eventually was sold to attorneys representing Scientology and subsequently has been operated by Scientology.

Below is an excerpt of the story of CAN’s involvement in Alamo’s church as told on their website


The church's enormous growth and success also attracted the attention of the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). CAN has a significant ideological and financial interest in the destruction of churches and so-called "new religions" they unlawfully deem illegitimate, particularly those which demonstrate success in attracting large numbers of converts among young people. CAN-related deprogrammers prey on the pain of families to convince them they can cure their child of their faith, which CAN terms "brainwashing." These deprogrammers charge these parents tens of thousands of dollars, and use such "tactics" as kidnapping, coercion, and physical abuse. They subject them to sleep and food deprivation, humiliate and ridicule them, deprive them of privacy, and have even used sex--all to deprogram a "believer."

CAN went after Mr. Alamo and his ministry in the worst tradition of the Salem witch hunts, the 19th century attacks on the Mormons, and other examples of religious intolerance. CAN's campaign of demonization against Alamo lasted 25 years, during which they disseminated and distorted misleading interpretations of church practices and false information to the media, and instigated investigations by government agencies -- from the Labor Department to the I.R.S.

Several qualified religious scholars have studied Alamo’s church, and have regarded it as a legitimate fundamentalist religion. However, these scholarly opinions have been drowned out by the "cult hysteria" whipped up and unlawfully manipulated by CAN. It is this latter interpretation that has most influenced the media and the courts. Although the consensus of the psychology profession is that the concepts of "brain-washing" and "mind control" are entirely without scientific merit, the media adopted CAN's allegations that Alamo "brainwashed" his congregation. CAN pseudo-psychologists recently lost a major law suit which has permanently ended their financially beneficial practice of testifying in court that so-called "cult leaders" could "brainwash" people to act against their will. But Tony Alamo was attacked before these theories were debunked, and these phony psychologists were allowed to peddle their bogus theories against Alamo in court. They portrayed him as having total control over his congregation, and compared church workshops to sweat shops whose workers were forced to hand over all their earnings to the Tony and Susan Alamo Foundation (TSAF). Thus the image of a "cult" leader was firmly ingrained in the public's perception of Pastor Alamo; and once demonized with this label, Alamo, like the Branch Davidians, became less than human in their eyes. The successful and good work of the church, of helping people overcome crime, drug and alcohol problems, of providing stable livings and jobs, and of giving people faith in God and a reason to live, were completely ignored.