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This website can be understood better when viewed as a body with a head who is Jesus and with a body who is the growing number of believers and those who are people who are not against us so are for us meaning they believe in much of what we believe while their larger belief system may not include believing that Jesus has been given headship authority by Jehovah and that Jehovah is even God or their God and this is why Jehovah who sees the heart and the inside of every person knows who these are and who these are not and no man can determine this. The above section is all about the headship of Jesus in the entire world and about his mission to eradicate evil from this planet and this race of human beings so that we are all free to grow in goodness and not evil.

Everlasting Father

"While he was still speaking, a bright cloud covered them,
and a voice from the cloud said, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!

Matthew 17:5

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Jehovah Will Never Leave Us Nor Forsake Us

When Jehovah Carries His Carrier

The following is Jehovah's Song which is a contemporary secular song that very closely explains what God is all about.

"You have reached that moment of decision when you know that you must move forward one way or another and the way you have chosen is to go forward with Jesus into the next phase of your life which will be a supernatural and exquisitely beautiful experience of life that will flow forward forever and you will always love this life as you have known it as you will always love your life as it is becoming more truly who you really are and the twisted future that isn't right will now not be and just as I have told you I am bringing the real you to the light as you fulfill your destiny. You have found your cure within yourself.  You are now free Kathy."

Lord, I remember when you gave this song to me and I knew it was a very profound message for me but at the time I was having terrible problems in my family due to complications of a birth in the family and God told me to say certain things at that time that made matters worse and not better and he told me how sorry he was that he caused me such grief and sorry that ensued and is still unresolved to this day. You gave me this this song at that time and for over four years you have been untangling my twisted future and I have been trusting you to make things right that have gone terribly wrong. Through this time you showed me how genetics have become so tangled up that it is nearly impossible to repair anything that concerns the human race and yet you have done just that with me and I remember when we started untangling all kinds of tangled up messes concerning cellular diseases and emotional entanglements that further complicated the physical problem within the Dna itself. Slowly but surely you taught me all sorts of things regarding genetics and epigenetics which is the God layer of human genetics and then taught me how to pray to untangle so many things that would have remained that way forever or until our race died out completely. When you first gave me this song I remember being somewhat confused if the words were for me or if the words were for my family situation but it never occurred to me that the words were meant for all of humanity as we know it here on earth.

Unknown Molecules Are The Substance of Life

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Egyptian History In America

This Artifact  was removed from Burrows Cave in Illinois by Russell Burrows.  

  This is the best preserved artifact for the exact face structure of Joseph who had been named King Zoroaster by King

  King Zoroaster of Shemau (now Egypt) wrote he found another place for Egyptians to live because Egypt had become over populated by the time he was 36 years old. This date would be around 1744 BC.

   Three broke peices of this same face structure and Crown style were found in the Ruins at Aravis (now Egypt), where he ruled Shemau for 48 years.

 The Mormons have records for him including some of his writings. Information for his 12 Trips to a foreign Land was in a Gold Book that was part of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery were new records for him.

  The Artifact was identified as a Artifact for King Zaphnath of Egypt who was Joseph in the Bible.

   Moses was raised by Pharaoh named, Tuthmosis III who was of Syrian descent that spoke the middle dialect of the Leššānā language of Syria and that was the language that Moses that spoke also.

 Moses wrote in the Leššānā language that he spoke. (The Pharaoh named Joseph, to Zaphenat-Pa'aneah,)

  The direction of the Boat on King Zoroaster Crown is coming to the Hio River of Ophir in Atlantis.

  The first name for North America was Atlantis. Ophir, was part of Atlantis.

Aztl'an became all of North America is now the United States of America and Canada.

King Zoroaster ruled Egypt from the Temple of Amon at Aravis, Shemau and recorded 12 trips to Ophir that became his second Land of Egypt.

     Some Historians and some Archaeologist are aware of this information. But some Historians and Archaeologist are unaware of this information.

  The Son of the Right Hand symbol is on the bottom right side of the  Artifact.

  Then the Box above the symbol is the Semitic symbol is is the Semitic Symbol for the Ark of the Covenents.

  This is a strong indication that King Zaphnath or (Joseph) who Ruled Egypt for 48 years Ruled Egypt according to the Ten Comandments in the Bible.

  The Son of the Right Hand symbol on the right bottom corner of the Artifact is a Semitic symbol. This Semitic symbol has been found on other Artifacts in the Middle East Countries.

   This symbol meant the first son of a Mother instead of the Father. When a Father had two Wives he may had have two sons of the right hand.

   The Three Diamonds are Egyptian symbols for the greatest wealth. There are three Diamonds on his Artifact. This is a strong indication that he was the King at three locations. We think the third location was the Grand Canyon.

  Then on the top is (m) the (m) is for my which was a symbol for his Egypt. And then the umbrella shape means the Umbrella Empire of both Lands of Egypt that was established by King Zaphnath from Egypt.

   King Zaphnath wrote that he found another place for Egyptians to Farm and Mine when he was 36 years old. This researched date would be 17,44 BC.

  This Gold Coin was recovered from the Egyptian Tunnel City in Southern Illinois. The ( ^ ) or Pyramid was the Hieroglyphic Symbol for Egypt.

The ( ^II ) Symbol which means the Second Empire or both locations of Egypt.

   On the other side of the Coin is the Hieroglyphic symbol of King Zaphnath holding the Staff of the Lord.

   The Archaeological meaning of all of this Information is that King Zaphnath was the Ruler of Egypt in the two seperate locations of Egypt..

    The directions of the Boat Symbols are important also. The direction of this Boat Symbol is for going back to Egypt.

        This Artifact that was removed from Burrows Cave in Illinois is for King  ^ VID 4 r ( CIu ) which was easy for the Archaeologist to identifie.

   The  ( CIu ) indicates that King ^ VID 4 only Ruled Aztlan of Ophir which was the second Land of Egypt for some one else in their absence, because the (^II) symbol for the both Lands of Egypt is not on his Artifact. There is not a boat anywhere on his Artifact either.

   At the bottom left bottom of the Artifact is the Semitic Son of the Right Hand symbol. The Semitic son of the Right Hand symbol meant the Birthrights and Wealth of a Mother to her first born Son had passed to him.

  Then the Rectangle Box to the right was the symbol for the Ark of the Covanents which means that he Ruled according to the Ten Comandments.

   This information was wrote in the original first Armenian Semitic Language of Armen that was almost identical to the present English Language.

  King VID 4's face structure is simular to King Zaphnath's face structure.


  This Artifact that was found in Burrows Cave by the Smithsonian Archaeologist was identified as a Artifact for Imhotep IV.

   The Semitic Family of Imhotep was first recorded in 2650 BC. in Shemau before Shemau was renamed to Egypt. ( A L ) was their Family symbol for a ( King of the Land.)

    The Pyramid on the front of his Crown is the Symbol of the Imhotep Family that had Pyramids on the front of their Crowns in Egypt also.

  On the right bottom is a small (x) and the small Semitic ( Son of the Right Hand ) symbol is turned sideways on his Artifact.

   On the Top of his Artifact is the (^II) symbol that means that he Ruled both locations of Egypt.

    The the ( 4 + A L ) means that he was Imhotep the fourth Imhotep King of both Lands of Egypt.

     This Stone Artifact for a Imhotep was recovered  from Burrows Cave in Illinois.

Imhotep was a wealthy high ranking Egyptian, but he was not a King.

                            The (^II) is not on his Artifact.

A Pyramid on his Head Wear is Simular to the Pyramid Head Wear of the Imhotep Family that built 18 Pyramids in Egypt.

His face strucure is also simular to Artifacts for the Imhotep Family in Egypt also.

 This Gold Artifact that was recovered from Burrows Cave was identified as a Artifact for King Soloman who Ruled Judia from 970 BC to 931BC.

  There is a lot of recorded information about King Solomon. However very little of this recorded information is in the Bible. There is no doubt about the identifcation of this Artifact.

   Burrows Cave is the lost Tomb of King Solomon that was not ever found until the discovery of Burrows Cave.

   He was the highest Ranked King in all locations of the his Empire which at that time, that included Judia, Egypt, and Ophir which is well recorded information.

  All of the symbols on this Gold Artifact are the well recorded symbols for King Solomon.

  The (^II) symbol for a King who Ruled both locations of Egypt is on the left bottom of his Gold Artifact.

        The (M) which meant ( m+y ) is on the bottom of his Artifact also.

   The three lines (III)'s near the bottom of the Artifact mean three trips that King Soloman made to Aztlan of the Empire of Ophir.

  King Solomon kept this location unknown from his Enemies to Mine Gold, Silver and Dimonds.

1 Kings 9:26 And king Solomon made a navy of ships in Eziongeber, which is beside Eloth, on the shore of the Red sea, in the land of Edom.

  There were several Artifacts for King Solomon found in Ohio, Michigan, and New Mexico.

But this Gold Artifact from Burrows Cave is the only known Artifact for the exact Face structure of King Solomon that has been found anywhere.

   Burrows Cave in Illinois is the lost Tomb of King Solomon.

    This Artifact that was removed from Burrows Cave in Illinois was identified as a High Preist named Arkca III.

  All Temple Preist tied their Hair in this Hair style to be be identifed as Preist. Later Christian Preist trimed and tied their in this same way to be identified as Christian Preist.

The writing on his Artifact is in the Berber writing style of Mauretania which was North Africa instead of being wrote in the Hebrew or the early Latin Language.

  The Berber Language was little changed from the first original Armenian Semitic Language in Atlantis and the Alphbetical leters were little changed also.

ArKcA III was wrote with the first letter being a Capital letter and the last letter being a Capitial letter also.

  King Solomon had Temple Preists at all the locations where his Queens Ruled for Him.

    It is well recorded that not any of the Temple Preist for King Solomon were of Hebrew decent.

    This Artifact that was recovered from Burrows Cave  was identified as being a Artifact for handsome King Archilles who was known as Achilles the Viper to the Trojans.

The writing on the Artifact begins on the right as BaS. ( BaS ) was the Greek Word for a King.

Then to the left is the word AhKeLS. ( AhKeLS ) transalates to Achilles in the English Language.

Then to the left the word VPEO transalates to Viper in the English Language.

In 1194 BC King Achilles and his Generals, Menesthius, Eudorus, Peisander, Phoenix and Alcimedon, went to Troy in 50 Boats to expand his Empire.

King Achilles was wounded in the Heel of his Foot with a Poison Arrow.

The wound would not heal and King Achilles was carried to the Isle of Lemnos where he died.

  Alexander Ptolemy III, the Great, recorded finding the Tomb of his Hero and Ancestor King Achilles at the Isle of Lemnos.

  He loaded his Cript onto his Ship to be relocated to Egypt. But he came here first and died. Burrows Cave was the final Tomb of King Achilles.

   This Artifact that was recovered from Burrows Cave  was identified as a Artifact for Ptolemy Solter I.

   On the left Picture which is the front of the Artifact is the ( ^II ) which means he Ruled both locations of Egypt.

   On the back side of the Artifact which is the Picture on the right,was wrote; iure lupiter, iugi, et Pateriu, effigiueti, Polte Gipti.

Transalated to English: Sworn by Jupiter to the Summit of his forefathers, the living image of Ptolemy of Egypt.  Ptolemy Solter I  was Alexander's 1/2 Brother.

   All ll of Alexander's Rulers at different locations were not Ptolemies.

Ptolemy Solter I recorded that Alexander Ptolmey III sent him back to Egypt to to Rule Egypt for him.

  Then he left  the second Land of Egypt and went to Alexandra Egypt.

   He expected some rebellion when announced that he was the Satrap of the Egyptian Empire of Alexander.

   But Perdiccas had Spies in Alexandria Egypt and knew that Alexander had been absent from Alexandria Egypt since 321 BC.

  And Perdiccas was trying to invade Egypt from the upper Nile Region from Babylon.

   But when Ptolemy Solter I and his Army came near to Perdiccas and his Army, Perdiccas was murdered in his tent by two of his subordinates.

Ptolemy Solter I immediately crossed the Nile, and gave supplies to his Army.

   Ptolemy Solter I was consistent in his policy of first securing a power base, while never succumbing to the temptation of risking all to succeed his 1/2 brother Alexander Ptolemy III in Egypt.

   In 318 BC Ptolemy Solter I anounced that he was the new Satrap of Egypt.

    Ptolmey Solter II in the 2nd Land of Egypt brought the Mummie of Alexander's Body  to Alexandria Egypt and built a Shrine for his Gold Cript to be placed in.

  This Artifact from Burroes Cave is for Mark Antony, who was a  politician and general. As a military commander and administrator, he was an important supporter and loyal friend  Julius Ceasar.

    Florus a Roman wrote wrote that both Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII commited sucide in 30 BC at Alexandria Egypt which has been proved to have been totally incorrect and impossable.

   Cleopatra VII in October 41 BC went to Tarsus from Rome. There Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII formed an alliance. They then went to Rome and Mark Antony became the Triumvir for Julius Ceasar and fell in love with Cleopatra VII.

     On 25 December 40 BC, Cleopatra gave birth to Twins fathered by Mark

Antony, who were named Alexander Helios III and Cleopatra Selene II that were born in Rome.

  After Ceasar's assassination, in 44 BC,  Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII left Rome and went to a unkown location for their safety. Thereafter the Romans did not ever learn where they were at.

  In September 36 BC Cleopatra had Son that was named Ptolemy Philadelphus fathered by Mark Antony. He was born here in the 2nd Land of Egypt.

    Burrows Cave in Illinois is the lost Tomb of Mark Antony.

   This Gold Coin was in the burial Cript is for Prince Alexander Helios that was in Burrows Cave. The (^II) the symbol for a King of both Lands of Egypt is on the top of the Coin.

The researched Heli or Greek (Helios) sun symbol meant, "Light of the World".

   On right side of the Gold Coin is the Heli or the Greek (Helios) symbol of the Sun. The Sun was the symbol for the entire Heli or Greek (Helios) Family.

   The name was Heli in the Aramiac Language of Judia, but the same family name was Helios in the Ptolmic Greek Language of the Greek Ptolmies.

    This Artifact that was recovered from Burrows Cave was identified as Prince Alexander Helios at age 22 from the writing on the Artifact. Born in Rome in 40 BC and died here in the second Land of Egypt in 39 AD.

  The Sun symbol for Heli or Helios are on all Artifacts for most members of the of the King Alexander Heli II  Family of Judia.

   His Grandfather was Alexander Helios III of Judia who was also recorded as Heli in the Bible.  He only went to School at Alexandria Egypt.

There were numours Artifacts for him in Burrows Cave which was also his Tomb.

   His parents made him the co- ruler of Armenia, Media, Parthia of the Ptolmey Empire.

   On a Tablet was wrote, the handsome white Helios, called the rightous one by the People.

   King Alexander Heli II of Judia ruled Judia from Nazareth.

  Heli in the Bible was the recorded Great Grandfather of Prince Alexander Helios.

Prince Alexander Helios added 60 Ships to the joint Navy of his Mother who also built more Ships for a total 180 Navy Ships including the Ships of King Juba Heli II.

  This Artifact from Burrows Cave was identified as Lux Heli or (Helios). She was the second Wife of Prince Alexander Helios.

     Luxan Ptolmey or Luke in the Bible was her Brother.

  The reading on the Artifact is ( Lux Nupta Helion ). The translation is Light married to Helios. Her recorded maidian name Lux Ptolmey.

 The researched meaning of the Helios (Sun) symbol meant,

"Light of the World".

  She was born at Cyrene Mauretania in 38 BC and died here in the 2nd of Egypt in 44 AD.

   She had meet Prince Alexander Heli or (Helios) at the Philocrates Temple in Alexandria Egypt which was a  Boarding School.

  This Artifact that was removed from Burrows Cave by Russell Burrows has been identified as a Artifact for Crice Heli from Nazareth.

   Luke 3: 23 And Jesus himself was about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, who was the son of Heli



     This Artifact that was recovered from Burrows Cave was identified as  King Ptolemaeus I who was born here in the 2nd Land of Egypt in 26 BC.  He becamed  the King of Mauretania from (1 BC to 40 AD). 

   He had Co-Ruled with his Father King Juba Heli II until he wanted to retire.

  He was a son of Cleopatra Selene II and King Juba Heli II and also wrote Books. He recorded that he became a Christian and wrote that his Grandmother Cleopatra VII and her entire Family became Christians.

   On the right side of his Artifact is a Ship. It is unsual that the Helios sun symbol is not on his Artifact. Like his Father King Juba Heli II he loved the Sea and liked to travel.

  King Ptolemaeus I fell foul of Rome, because of the economic power that Mauritania had become, but he prevented a War.

  He got some Egyptian Ptolmey Flags by the Authority of his Uncle Alexander Helios III and placed more of his Navy Ships that had Egyptian Flags at his Sea Ports of North Africa.

  He also traded more with the Viking Mertz Erin the King of Norway who also fell foul of Rome. He and Mertz Erin became Allies.

  He traded Grain Gold and Animal Skin Sails to King Mertz Erin for Iron and Musical Instruments that had the first Metal Strings. King Mertz Erin put the Sails on his Ships and invaded Normany. The Romans did not dare to do anything about this.

   This Pyramid Mound is in Ohio. Several Artifacts for King Solomon and Christ have been found in Ohio. Even though this is Egyptian style Pyramid,

Archaeologist have named the Pyramid a Indian Mound.



This Artifact that was removed from Burrows Cave in Illinois was identified as as a Hittite General because he was wearing a Hittite style Helmet that Hittite Generals wore.

   On the left side of the Artifact a ( T ) which probally meant Top. Then above the T is the tilted Pyramid Legal Ring Seal symbol that King Solomom used.       

            The at the top left is a Diamond which meant wealth.

   After the Hittite and Assryian Peace Treaty was signed in Egypt in 1259 BC, any King was permited to hire Hittite Generals and their Army East of the Jordan River.

    Both King David and King Soloman had Hittite Generals and Armies.




Historians and Archeaologist have identified this Gold Artifact from Burrows Cave.

   Each Egyptian Ruler had a seprate Hieroglyph symbol. This is the Hieroglyph that King Zaphnath chose for himself.

    Shu was the Egyptian name for a Crocodile in Egypt at that time.

Shu the (Crocodile) was the symbol that King Zphnath chose. This was the first known Crocodile Hieroglyph symbol for any King in Egypt.

   This same Hieroglph was found at the Aravis Egypt Ruins for King Zaphnath.

King Zaphnath is holding the Staff of the Lord.

   Then on the bottom right is ( - ) which meant number one.

Next above the (-) is one X this Gold Artifact. X is the Symbol for First or Father.

   Then above the (X) is the Diamond  which meant greatest of wealth.

Then above the (X) is the ( ^II ) Symbol which is for the 2nd land of Egypt.

  Then above is the elongated ( W ) symbol. The W symbol meant a large body of Water or the Ocean.

   Then above the (W) seems to be a Land mass with a River in the center of it.

  King Zaphnath was known to be a wise King in Egypt and knew that Shu the Crocodile symbol was a more powerfull symbol than the the Bird symbols of the Pharaoh's of Egypt were.

   And he knew that he would be worshiped as a very powerfull God by the Egyptians that were not of Semitic decent.

  This very same Symbol was found in the Ruins of the Temple of Amon at Aravis Egypt which was the location that King Zaphnath was the King of Egypt for 48 tears.

   King Zaphnath was also a writer. His Grandson Asrael was the next King of Egypt. Asrael was a writer also. Like King Zaphnath, Asrael was known by another Egyptian in their own Language. Asrael was King Maaibre Shushi.

   Maaibre Shushi meant, " Son of Shu" in their Egyptian Language.

His Grandson, Salitis Maaibre was the next Crocodile King of Egypt  was a writer too.


    This Artifact from Burrows Cave is another Stone Tripod. This is one Stone that on the Picture on the right is a Tripod with a (+) on the top of the Tripod which was the exact location mark for the the Cahokia Pyramid City in Cahokia Mounds State Park near Collinsville in Southern Illinois..

Then the left Picture is the back of the Stone that that has some Star degrees and Math for figuring the Star degrees.


   This Gold Artifact from the Egyptian Tunnel City in Illinois. Most of the Artifacts from Burrows Cave are still privately owned. A Musem for some of the Burrows is now being in Florida.

   The only Egyptian Artifacts on display in the Smithsonian Institute are Egyptian Artifacts from Egypt, and a few small Artifacts from the Grand Canyon.

  The Archaeologial meaning of the tall Image with a Crocodile shaped Head on the Left side of the Artifact, is the surpreme King of the Empire Symbol and the rest of the Artifact describes his Empire.

  In the middle of the Artifact is the (^II) Symbol  with a Circle around the Symbol.

  The  ( ^II ) was a symbol that he Ruled both Egypt by the Nile River and the second Land of Egypt here at the Hio River also.

   Shu the Crocodile God was the most feared Animal in Egypt and became the Egyptian Hieroglyph for most powerfull Semitic Kings and Rulers of Egypt.

   All of the Pharaoh's of Egyptian decent in Egypt had Bird Higroglyphic symbols instead of the Crocodile symbols of the recorded Semitic Canaanite Kings of Egypt.


       This Artifact that was recovered from Burrows Cave  is one of the Stone Maps for the Hio River that is now named the Mississippi River. The Archaelogist consider this a important Artifact.

      The Hio River was the name of this River that was recorded in Ancient

 Atlantis Books.

On the right side of the Map is ( FxI ). (FxI) was the first Egyptian Cave in Tennessee.

   (F) also meant Family in the Armenian Semitic Language of Armen that King Zaphnath spoke and wrote.

   He could also speak the Egyptian Language, but he only wrote in the Semitic Armenian Language of Shem.

  Then the (ITIT) is where some Ancient Copper Mines were located in Ohio.

Then on the left side of the Map is  (ITII ) where the Diamond Mines  in Arkansas are located.

  Then on the top left the (X) is the Location of the Egyptian Tunnel City in Illinois.

   The (o's) are where the Egyptian Dirt Pyramids were located here at the time of this Artifact from Burrows  Cave. There were more later Artifacts that had more of the later Egyptian Pyramids near the River.


   Burrows Cave was a burial Tomb that had 12 Cripts in the Cave. There were also Five Statues in the Cave.  But more burial Cripts were found when the blocked Tunnels were opened.



    There are now many Ancient Egyptian Artifacts from the Skillet Fork Cavern Complex that still are not on Public Display at the Smithtonian Institute in Washington DC even though they were found by Smithsonian Archaeologist.

  These Gold Artifacts were in one of the Cripts for One of the Kings from the Egyptian Tunnel Tomb in Southern Illinois.

   His Name and Family Genaeology is on the Gold Coffin Artifacts. The (^II) Symbol for the 2nd Land if Egypt is the Top Artifact on the Right side.

   The Egyptian Gold Coin for his  Empire is on the Center Right.

Two Diamonds and the Semitic Symbol for a Son of the Right Hand is the Bottom Right Artifact of this Picture.


This Artifact recovered from Borrows Cave in Illinois was identified as being information for King Soloman.

   At bottom right is 7-K which meant the 7th Empire location for King Solomon which he did record at other places in Ophir.

    The tilted Pyramid on the Artifact is the Legal Ring Seal Stamp that King Solomon used.

Then a Arrow points to the large Star of David. The large Star of David was King Solomon's symbol for Judia.

   This Star symbol has been found on Artifacts in other places where King Solomon Ruled Ophir from .

And to the left of the Arrow under the Star of David is the (O) with a ( I ) in the center of the O was King Solomon's symbol for the King of Ophir when he was the King of Ophir.

   Then under the O is the F that is turned backwards with three lines instead of two lines. This was the Word (He) in one Language and (Window) in another Language.

               This was the Semitic symbol name for King Solomon.


   This Gold Artifact that was removed from Burrows Cave was identified as being for Queen Naamah who was King Solomon's first wife.

Queen Naamah is wearing a Dress and is standing at the Door of the Temple

holding the Staff of the Lord in one Hand.

All of Queen Naamah and King Solomon's writings were wrote in the first original Armenian Semitic Language named the Armen Language. The Armenian Language can be easy as ( Armen+ian).

   The first writings in the Language that have been preserved in the Atlantis Books are now over 4,120,147 years old which were the Solar Sun Dial Calendar dates. 

   These first dates for the Armen Language were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls information in 1946 in Quram Caves in Palestine.

 The Armenian Language is the oldest written Language of the World.

King Solomon was educated at the Temple of Amon at Saqqara Egypt.

   Saqqara Egypt was also Ophir at that timeand was where the King gave Solomon his daughter Naamah after Solomon prepared a meal that pleased the Cannanite King of Egypt.

On the left bottom of the Artifact is the ( F ) that meant Family in the Armenian Language,

Then above the (F) is a ( Q ) which was the first letter of the word ( Q-N ) which was pronounced as ( Queen )

Then above the (Q) is the Ring Seal that Queen Naamah used for her Legal Documents.

Then above Her Ring Seal is N which was the last letter for (Q-N) which completed the word that meant Queen.

Then above this is a Box without a top and a line from the bottom of the Box. This was the Semitic symbol for first born daughter.

   This symbol is upside down when compared to the male Symbol for a first born Son that does not have line in the open part of the Box.

Then above that symbol is a Arrow pointing to a ( M ) which was the symbol for me. (M+e)

  The F for family on the Artifact is a strong Archaeological indication that King Solomon, Queen Naamah and their Children all came to the 2nd Land of 

Egypt which was Ophir during the time of King Solomon.

  However only their first born son Rehoboam and a daughter was recorded in Judia by the Jewish Scribes.

   Burrows Cave in Illinois is the lost Tomb of Queen Nammah.



This Artifact that was recovered from Burrows Cave in Illinois was easy to identifie.

BaS ALeKhS u PLeO, was wrote the Artifact.

   This is a Artifact for Alexander Ptolmey III. He was the Son of King  Philadelphus Ptolmey II and his 2nd Wife Cleopatra. King Philadelphus Ptolmey was King Philip in the Bible.

  In 331 BC, Alexander Ptolemy III only spent nine months in Egypt, and during that time he conquered the Country, had himself named King Alexander of Egypt and started the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt. He then left Egypt.

   He knew about Atlantis from his Atlantis Books. He wrote that he wanted to see where his earliest known Ancester Shem had lived which was at the Oasis of Eden in Atlantis.

 The Oasis of Eden is in Arizona. And Atlantis is now North America which did not sink into the Ocean as the Romans wrote.

  He had the information for King Zaphnath and knew King Zaphnath of Egypt was one of his Ancesters also.

  One of Alexander's favorite Books was named ( The Iliad ) which was wrote about King Achilles a Ancestor of his Mother Cleopatra.

   He was known to use this Book often during his Campains for information 

about the Battles won by King Achillies.

  When Philodelpus II married Cleopatra in 355 BC, his first wife Olympias was outraged and took her Daughter Thessaloniki to Epirus and she did not return until after King Philip was killed in a War with the Greeks.

  The evidence that was found here in Burrows Cave in Illinois speaks for itself.


    Difficult as it may be for us to accept, Alexander did not die in Babylon as was writen.

This Cave in Illinois is undoubtedly the lost Tomb of Alexander the Great and for many  of his lineal descendants.

  Alexander Ptolemy III, was at the Oasis of Eden in Arizona when he developed a Fever that lasted for 12 days before he died. Some of his last words were recorded.

    "I am dying from the treatment of too many physicians".

"I would rather excel others in the knowledge of what is excellent than in the extent of my powers and dominion".

   "In faith and hope the world will disagree, But all mankind's concern is charity".

   "Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all".

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try".

    "A tomb now suffices he for whom the whole world was not sufficient".

These last words that Alexander Ptolemy III spoke here at the (second Land of Egypt) was recorded in writing by  Ptolemy Solter II, who was with Alexander when he died here.


 There were several Artifacts for Ships from Burrows Cave in Illinois. Cleopatra VII, Juba Heli II, and Prince Alexander Helios, had around 180 Ships Home Based here at one time.

   These Ships were smaller than the Roman Ships. These Ships were slender built Ships and were faster than the larger Roman Ships also. And the Sails were made out of Animal Skins so that not any wind would pass thru the Sails.



     This Gold Artifact that was recovered from Burrows Cave in Illinois was identified as being a Artifact for ( Queen Cleopatra Ptolmey Philopater VII  ) 

      Burrows Cave in Illinois is the lost Tomb of Queen Cleopatra Ptolmey Philopater VII. She did not commit sucide at Alexandria Egypt.

  The Romans knew very little about her because she was very secretive for her own safety.

   Almost everything that the Romans recorded about her was incorrect.

 She was born 69 BC and died 32 AD as recorded by all members of her Family.

   Cleopatra VII was the Child of Cleopa Selene Heli of Judia and King Ptolmey XII Auletes of Egypt.

 Cleopa Selene Heli was the daughter of Heli in the Bible. His Ptolmey Greek name was Alexander Helios II who was the King of Judia until he was killed in Judia by the Romans in 36 BC.

      Cleopa Selene Heli had been sent to Alexandria Egypt to be educated and meet Ptolmey XII Auletes in Egypt.

   This Gold Artifact and her Jewlery was in her burial Cript here in Burrows Cave. Burrows Cave is the location of her lost Tomb.

    Cleopatra Ptolmey VII originally ruled jointly with her father as a teenage girl with the rest of her siblings, Ptolemy XII Auletes, and later with her Sisters, Arsinoe IV and her Brothers Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV and first co-ruled with them at Edfu Egypt.

  She was married as per Egyptian Ptolemy custom to her Brothers at birth, who were Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV

  But these were were only Legal mariages to consolidate power and wealth and there were no Children.

  The entire time that she was in Egypt she was a young Girl at Edfu Egypt.

     In 58 BC, Ptolemy XII Auletes and Cleopatra VII and Arsinoe IV fled to Rome in search of political and military aid against  Cleopatra VI Tryphaena, who had become far too powerful.

After Tryphaena's death in 57 BC, she at age 20 became the co- ruler of Egypt from Rome due to her father's absence in Egypt, and with him and Cleopatra VII in Rome, she had no worry about being overthrown or overpowered and executed.

   She did not ever return to Egypt. Then her Brothers Ptolemy XIII and Ptolmey IV ruled Egypt for her in Alrxandria Egypt until 15 BC.

   When Julius Ceasar was killed in 44 BC, both Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony left Rome for their safety. After this date the Romans did not ever learn where they were.

   But only a very few Historians have learned this recorded information because almost everything that the Romans wrote about her was incorrect.

   Burrows Cave was the lost Tomb of Queen Cleopatra Ptolmey Philopater VII.

More Artifacts and information for her were found in her burial Cript.


  There are a number of incorrect stories about Cleopatra that were wrote by the Romans that did not ever know about the 2nd Land of Egypt and knew very little about her. There are only three correctly identified Artifacts for her.

   And there are numerous Bust in Musems that are for her Daughter Cleopatra Selene II that are incorrectly identified Artifacts that are being displayed as Cleopatra VII which is no less than shamefull to her also.

   150 years after Mark Antony's Army and her Armey defected to Octavain at Alexandria Egypt.  Florus a Roman wrote a book named Epitome de T. Livio Bellorum omnium annorum DCC Libri duo, which was primiarly a Fictional Book and he became wealthy because of his Book.

   The Book was wrote in a bombastic boasting style about the greatness of the first Roman Rulers.

   He wrote that Cleopatra commited sucide on August 12, 30 BC by letting a Asp Snake bite her on her Breasts at Alexandria Egypt. But that was totally incorrect and impossable.

 Because Queen Cleopatra VII was not even in Egypt in 30 BC, she was in Rome.

    And her daughter Cleopatra Selene II, her Grandson Ptolemaeus I, and King Juba Heli II, recorded in their Books that Cleopatra died a natural death in 16 AD instead of 32 BC at the age of 85 here in the 2nd Land of Egypt instead of 32 BC as Florus wrote in his Book.

  But modern Encylopedias are still Publishing the incorrect information that Florus wrote for Queen Cleopatra VII as being her correct History.

   It is a Historical disgrace the amount of incorrect History that has been published for Queen Cleopatra Ptolmey Philopater VII.



   This Artifact from Burrows Cave was identified as a Artifact for

Ptolemy Philopator Philometor Caesar XV  ( June 23, 47 BC - July 23, AD )

 who was the Son of Julius Ceasar and Cleopatra VII.

 The Romans knew very little about him because in 44 BC he left Rome with Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII at age three and the Romans did not even know what he looked like when he grew into a Man..

  And thereafter Romans did not ever learn where he was at. Almost everything that the Roman writers wrote about him has been proved to have been incorect.

    Ptolmey Ceaser was born in 47 BC in Rome, His Father was Julius Ceasar, He was nicknamed Caesarion which means "little Caesar."

   150 years after Mark Antony's smaller Army defected to Octavain in Alexandria Egypt, Florus wrote a Book.

    Florus who was  primarily a Roman Fictional Writer wrote,  on August 23, 30 BC,  Ptolmey Ceasar was killed on the orders of Octavian Augustus in Egypt.

    This information is totally incorrect. Ptolmey Ceasar was not in Egypt in 30 BC. He was in India in 26 BC. Because his Father Julius Ceasar was assassinated, he used the name of Philopator Philometor and stopped using his last name Ceasar.

And his lost Tomb is Burrows Cave in Illinois.


   Cleoptra Selene II was born on Dec. 25, 40 BC. She was born here in the second land of Egypt. Her Father was Mark Antony. Her Twin Brother was Prince Alexander Helios.

   She married Prince Juba Heli II who became the King of Mauretania and recorded that she loved to travel with him.

   Many Copies of her Bust have been made but they are all on display in Musems as Cleoptra Ptolmey VII instead of Cleoptra Selene II which is a disgrace to both of them.


   Several of the Prince Alexander Helios III and Cleopatra Selene II Coins were found in Burrows Cave in both of their burial Cripts.

   On 25 December 40 BC, Cleopatra gave birth to Twins fathered by Mark

Antony, who were named Alexander Helios III and Cleopatra Selene II that were born here in the 2nd Land of Egypt.

         They had Minted Silver Coins together as Co-Rulers of Egypt and the other Lands of the Ptolmey Empire.


      King  Juba Heli II, has been indentified. The Artifact is from Burrows Cave.

  On the right top of the Artifact is the Heli Sun symbol of the Alexander Ptolemy Heli Family.

    There is a lot of recorded history For King Juba II. 52 BC to 23 AD.

He married Cleopatra Selene II who was the Twin Sister of Prince Alexander Helios.

   He was the Prince of Mauretania when the married Cleopatra Selene II. He meet her at the Boarding School in Alexandria Egypt. He was very educated and wrote 52 Books.

    Cleopatra Selene II was the daughter of Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony.

                      Mauretania was most of North Africa at that time.

   Juba was a name that had passed from Grandfather to Grandson for numerous Generations.

    King  Juba Heli II recorded numerous trips transporting Grain and Metals from here to Egypt, Rome, Greece, India, Judia, and the Land of Erin, now Norway and Great Britian).

  His Boat was being loaded with Olive Oil, Wine, and Wool at Port Jappa in Judia shortly after Christ was crusified.

  He recorded that he hid Philip, Luke, and Cleopa Selene Heli on his Boat and brought them here for safety.

  Philip was his Brother in Law. Luke was the Brother of his Sister in Law Lucy Helios.

   And Cleopa Selene Heli was the Grandmother of his Wife Cleopatra Selene II.

Not either the Jews or Romans knew where the 2nd Land of Egypt was located or that it even exsited.



  This Artifact from Burrows Cave was identified as a Artifact for Ptolmey Philadelphus Heli. The Heli or (Helios) Sun symbol is on the top right of his Artifact.

  In September 36 BC Cleopatra had Son that was named Ptolemy Philadelphus fathered by Mark Antony. He was born here in the 2nd Land of Egypt.   He was sent to a boarding School in Alexandria Egypt.

   He meet Crice Heli or (Christ) at the Philocrates Temple which was the name of the Religious School in Alexandria Egypt. 

  They both spoke the same Language and learned that they were 2nd Cousins.

   He became the Egyptian Ptolmey Ambassador in Judia and then Philip a Disciple of Christ instead of becoming a Co- Ruler of the Ptolmey Empire.

   He was also a writer. He wrote a book named "Philocrates" when he was the Egyptian Ambassador in Judia. He aslo wrote a Book named the "Trial of Crice Heli"


 If you look at Cahokia, Cairo, IL., Etowah Pyramids in Ga, Just to name a few they are very simular.

   Monks Temple Pyramid is located in the Cahokia Mounds City in Cahokia Mounds State Park near Collinsville in Southern Illinois.

   It is over 108 feet high and has a 16 Acre Base. Not any Pyramids in Egypt have a base this large.

   It was built with hard packed Clay Brick Blocks  but most of the Clay

 Brick Blocks have turned back into Dirt.

    Constuction begain on the inner City around 10,000 BC and continued in seprate stages until the City reached a population of around 15.000 in around 400 BC.

   Then constuction begain for the outer Area until the total population reached around 40,000 by 1500 AD and then the construction stopped.

  At the top of Monks Temple Pyramid is evedence of a large Wooden Building 105-feet long, and 48 feet wide that was the Temple and Home of the City’s rulers," The Great Kings."

  There is a undergound Room 23 feet deep under the surfice of the Pyramid located 200 feet South of the North Rim of the Pyrmid.

   The Pyramid City was over 6 square Miles in size and had 120 more Smaller Pyramids.

    On top of part of the other smaller Pyramids were Schools and Temples where School Tablets Religious Artifacts have been found. The Children were well educated. 

Ancient Egyptians, Burrows Cave Illinois

   This Gold Artifact recovered from Burrows Cave in Illinois has been identified as a Tripod that was used to measure the degrees of the Stars with. These degrees and measurements are on the top of the Artifact.

   There are numerous other simular World Wide Artifacts for Tripods that have been used for this same purpose

    This is not the only Tripod Artifact that has been discovered here in the United States. Some Tripod Artifacts have been found in Canada also.

    These Tripods were first used for Ancient Sun Dial Calendars. Later these Tripods were used to make Ancient Maps.

  These Ancient Maps even included measurements and had the North, South, East, and West locations and the Star Degrees on the Maps.

   Beside each side the center Post of the Tripod are Six ( IIIIII's ) which are the 12 recorded trips to Ophir or the "second Land of Egypt" that he found using a Star Tripod that was well recorded by King Zaphnath of Egypt.

Then above the lines is a (Y) that has a large Stone Jar in it. This was the Egyptian Hierogliphic symbol for Grain Seed to be saved for the next year.

Then above Y and jar is a Sheep. Sheep were needed here to make Wool Clothes.

   And on the right side of the Center Post of the Tripod at the bottom is a Cow, then a Mountian Goat and a Bighorn Sheep at the top.

Then above the Animals are ( + + ) which means many Animals.

   It is well known by Archaelogist that these Animals came to North America from where they originated which is the Middle East Countries.

   Because there are no prehistoric bones for these Animals have ever been

found in North America by any Archaeologist that date to be over 4,000 years old.